5th World Championships 2017 in Rozogi / Poland

The International Indiaca Association is the host of the 5th Indiaca World Championships in 2017.

Gmina Rozogi is assigned the direction, organization and running of the event by IIA. The exact date of the 5th World Championship 2017 in Rozogi is 7th to 12th of August 2017.
Indiaca players from all over the world will participate in upcomming competitions in Rozogi.

Indiaca is a team sportgame. Players (two teams with five players each) play the indiaca ball on the court divided by a net. The task of each team is to score a point by sending the indiaca ball regularly over the net to ground it on the opponent´s court, and to prevent the ball from being grounded on its own court.

In the region of Rozogi indiaca game occurred due UKS "SP Klon Indiaca" from Klon. This is the first Polish sports club cultivating this sport. Passion, training and commitment result in success.

Intermational Indiaca Association exists since 2001. Members of the IIA are federations of the following countries: Germany, Estonia, Luxembourg, Japan, Korea, Switzerland. IIA's mission is to promote and develop indiaca all over the world, thereby to help people to coordinate efforts for healthy lifestyle and to offer interesting spending of leisure-time. World Championships (World Cup) are held every four years.